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This design proposal for a new USA gymnastics facility is a state-of-the-art facility for athletes to live, train, compete, and takes the health and wellbeing of the athletes to the highest degree. The site of the new facility is in the downtown Indianapolis area and is well connected by both pedestrian and vehicular transit, making this site a key component of the neighborhood’s daily commute to work, school, the store, or simply to grab a coffee. This design takes this movement into deep consideration and creates a new pedestrian boulevard by reducing the ground plane impact of the facility, inspired gymnastic movements. Other factors that influence the form were environmental considerations such solar patterns, to improve solar comfort and reduce operational impacts and cost.

The new gymnastics complex includes a parking garage and residential space for the public. For the athletes the facility includes a competition size gymnasium, a weight and cardio room, PT, offices, apartments, study rooms, private practice rooms, dining space, game room, theater, and a roof top terrace with a pool.

Solar shades and window sizing are based on a solar radiation analysis were conducted which influenced the façade’s rhythm and order. The structure is made up of recycled steel and CLT decking to accommodate for the large spans. Mineral woold pair with cellulose was used in the wall envelope for the durability and low embodied environmental impacts. Clay plaster and bio cement were used as finishes for similar reasons, as well as reducing VOCs.

The result is a well-connected city block that invites the community to explore the area and gain an interest in gymnastics. Knocking down barriers between professional athletes and those aspiring to be, while still maintaining privacy and security for the residence. This is all achieved while implementing environmental and sustainable design principles that contribute to the occupant’s overall wellbeing and health.

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