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Owensboro, KY

Task 1: Riverfront Addition

The first challenge for this project was to design an addition to the riverfront in Owensboro, Kentucky. The Owensboro river front has been undergoing a major re-design for the last seven years, specifically the area known as Smother’s Park. The previous addition included new walkways, a playground, a large restroom facility, several large water features, & seating areas. The city also included a new Convention Center, the Bluegrass Hall of Fame, & several new hotels adjacent to the park. However, the city seemed to neglect a smaller park down river, English Park. Our task was to create an addition to Smother’s Park that connected to English Park, just a ½ mile west down river. 

Task 2: Dining Quarter

It is not hard to see that there is a dramatic change in scenery between Smother’s & English Park, as the downtown area turns into a large residential zone. To ease the merge between downtown and residential our second task was to design a Dining Quarter with several fast-food restaurants and two dine in restaurants.

The site is located on the river front at the West edge of Owensboro’s downtown. This site allows for a smooth transition between the two parks very different atmospheres. 

Group Project: Spencer Whitmore, Garrett Hoene 

Owensboro River Front Addition & Dining Quarters: Text
Owensboro River Front Addition & Dining Quarters: Pro Gallery
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